Taking a Step Back for Self Analysis

From the beginning of this blog to the end I have learned a lot on LGBT adoption and same sex marriage.  I have also grown as a blogger and become more comfortable blogging on a regular basis. For this blog I have researched same sex adoption laws, adoption and foster care statistics, the effects of same sex parenting, same sex marriage laws, and the views of the presidential candidates on same sex adoption and marriage equality.  When I started this blog I was pretty much sure that I was opposed to same sex marriage but supported same sex adoption because it would provide homes for foster care children that need it.  However through the course of gathering more information on both sides of the issue and keeping this blog I have begun to open up on the idea of marriage equality.  I’ve started to see that marriage equality would allow couples to love each other freely and legally join together as a couple and not necessarily increase or encourage same sex relationships. 

 Initially I didn’t have a clue about gay adoption laws and how difficult it is for same sex couples to adopt. Each state has different adoption laws and many are not clear on same sex adoption.  But now I realize that same sex couples face harsh discrimination in the adoption process as well as in many other aspects of life.

Not only was I clueless about same sex adoption laws but I was I also knew nothing about the same sex marriage laws and how they vary in each state. I also found out that the U.S. passed the Defense of Marriage Act that defines marriage as a union of a man and a woman. I’ve also learned that politics is a lot of either choosing to completely support or oppose an issue and there is not much middle ground in between.  With my topic there are definitely polar opposite sides such as GLAAD and AFA.


Also November is national adoption month and November 17th is national adoption day! Celebrate!



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

As if you didn’t already know President Barack Obama was re elected and will serve our country for four more years.  After my research on the candidates’ views on same sex adoption and marriage equality I believe that the future of LGBT adoption will be looking brighter than if the election had turned out the opposing way.  Obama supports same sex adoption and even encourages it by recruiting same sex couples as foster and adoptive parents.  He has also spoke out against the defense of marriage act and supports marriage equality.

Some good bloggin!

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Questioning Equality is another blog that also focuses on the LGBT community and the discrimination that they face.  This blog concentrates on healthcare for the LGBT community and also branches out and discusses how healthcare is related to marriage equality and how same sex couples face similar discrimination in healthcare as they do in attaining legal marriage. 

Common Sarcasm for the Sensible Age also focuses on marriage equality and how even if same sex marriage is legalized it does not guarantee that the same sex lifestyle will be accepted. This blog also discusses the discrimination that same sex couples face as well as points out logical fallacies on the issue with humorous videos and pictures. 

The Future of Higher Education focuses on a very relative topic to college students.  This blog relates financial aid and student loans to the election and presents each candidate’s plan for higher education.  Mixedupmind presents information in a very helpful and unbiased way. Financial aid for students is a very important topic in this election because a higher education has become more important than ever before. 

Extended Readings

Here’s some additional readings on LGBT adoption, same sex parenting, and marriage equality.

A Family With Two Moms, Except in the Eyes of the Law

This article tells of the obstacles that a same sex family faces when raising their children together.  While they were legally married in Canada the couple still faces financial, legal, and emotional burdens that extend outside of just their relationship and on to their children.

Waiting to be adopted

This blog talks about children in the foster care system and how they will spend an average of 3 years in the system awaiting adoption.  About 115,000 children are currently waiting in for to be adopted in the foster care system currently should adoption be opened up to same sex couples to decrease these numbers?

By the numbers: Same-sex marriage

This site gives some really good numbers on same sex marriage and its progression.  115,064 same sex households are currently raising children, which is approximately 20% of all same sex households.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption Laws

This link describes the adoption laws and how they pertain to gay and lesbian couples. It also provides information on how same sex couples go about joint adoption and adopting the children of their partner.  

Dangers of Same-Sex Couples Adopting 

This reading provides an argument against same sex adoption.  It is argued that same sex adoption is the second best choice for foster children and they only deserve the best choice.  It also points out dangers of same sex adoption such as increased domestic violence and psychological disorders.

Adoption by Lesbian and Gay People: The Use and Mis-use of Social Science Research

This article includes information on how same sex couples go about adopting despite the numerous legal obstacles.  It also summarizes results of studies showing that there is no harm to children raised by same sex parents.

Most Say Homosexuality Should Be Accepted By Society

This report relates societies acceptance of homosexuality to same sex parenting.  There has been an increase in  same sex couples raising children as well as increase in people supporting same sex parenting as the percentage of people saying it is “bad” for society has decreased from 50% to 35%.

Experts Worldwide Find Gay Adoption Harmful for Children

This is an article that summarizes a study conducted that found that same sex parenting negatively affects the children.  The results demonstrated that same sex parenting increases dysfunctional behavior and concludes that a family with two mothers or two fathers is a dangerous environment for a child.

Mitt Romney’s Reported Interactions With Massachusetts Same-Sex Couples Detailed

This link provides Mitt Romney’s view on same sex adoption and marriage equality.  Romney had expressed support of same sex marriage but continually expresses that marriage should be defined as a union of a man and a woman only.

Obama Administration Is Recruiting Gay and Lesbian Foster and Adoptive Parents

This link provides President Barack Obama’s view on same sex adoption.  Obama supports same sex adoption as well as marriage equality and his administration has recruited same sex couples to be potential adoptive and foster parents. Obama says that he believes no child should go without a home and they will benefit from a home if the parents are heterosexual or not.

It’s Election Day!!!


Today’s your chance to vote for the president of the United States! This will be the first election I am voting in and I’m super excited to see how it turns out. If you care about the future of same sex adoption rights or if you are opposed get out and vote! Your voice is important and you can help make a difference by simply voting.  Voting is a part of being a responsible citizen. So get out and go vote!

Future of LGBT Adoption

If the issue of same sex adoption laws being unclear is not resolved then in the future same sex couples will continue to face difficulties and discrimination when adopting a child together.  If laws are not clarified then there won’t be a distinguished law to go by when same sex couples are seeking adoption. There needs to be a distinct law either in favor or against same sex adoption.  I believe that in the future same sex couples won’t face as severe discrimination because support for same sex couples is constantly increasing.  As more and more people are supporting same sex marriage the easier same sex adoption will become.  Many people who previously opposed same sex marriage now support same sex marriage as they are exposed to and get to know more same sex couples.  Society is becoming more receptive of same sex couples and their relationships.  A big part of same sex marriage support is coming from young Americans.  As U.S. citizens have become more open to same sex couples so have politicians.  President Obama supports same sex marriage and his opponent Mitt Romney has expressed support for same sex adoption.

Theory Post

I don’t believe there will be a quick end to polarized sides on same sex marriage because too many people have too strong of opinions on this issue.  However I do believe there will be a quicker end to polarized sides on same sex adoption.  More people are accepting same sex parenting as society is becoming more tolerant to the lifestyle.  Support for the legalization of same sex marriage is continually on the rise.

Same sex adoption became such a contentious topic because it is connected to same sex marriage and marriage equality.  Many people are strongly opposed to same sex marriage oftentimes because of their religious beliefs.  Just as many people strongly support same sex marriage and marriage equality and believe marriage can go beyond just a relationship between a man and a woman.  In 1996 the Defense of Marriage Act was passed in the U.S. and defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  President Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to support same sex marriage and has spoke out for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.